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The TV anime Chainsaw Man (TV Tokyo) began airing on Tuesday, October 11 at 24:00. Based on the manga of the same title that began serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump in December 2018, this popular work has sold more than 16 million copies of comics. The sudden mysteries and shocking developments that are suddenly revealed are always a topic of conversation, and the second part is currently being serialized. ORICON NEWS interviewed Kikunosuke Toya, who plays the main character Denji, and Shogo Sakata, who plays Aki Hayakawa. We asked them about their impressions of the original work when they first saw it, the reaction to the PV that drew a lot of attention, the similarities between the characters from each other’s point of view, and whether Makima or Power is their type

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Interview with Chainsaw man Aki Hayakawa & Denji

“Chainsaw man” has always attracted attention, not only during the serialization of the first part of the original story, but also since the announcement of the anime adaptation, and when the PV with character voices was released, it became a hot topic. What kind of response did you receive from people around you?

Toya I received a lot of LINE messages, about the same as when I won the M-1 (Manzai Number 1 Contest) (laugh).

Sakata You won the M-1? Don’t lie to me (laughs). Among the many “lines” I received from various people, I have a friend who loves “Chainsaw Man,” and I naturally did not tell her that I was going to be in Chainsaw Man until the production company publicly announced the cast, but when she heard Aki’s (my voice) first voice in the PV, I was happy to hear her say, I knew right away!

Toya It makes me happy to hear such warm comments from fans, such as “Your voice really matched ! I am happy and grateful when I hear such comments from fans.

-What did you feel when you saw the PV?

Sakata I thought the quality was high !, and the music was great at fueling my sense of anticipation.

Toya  I thought the images were amazing and Sakata’s voice was also well-matched.

Sakata After the PV was over, the sound of the chainsaw echoing was really cool. It’s very emo, and I’ll watch it over and over again.

Toya I think chainsaws are great (laugh).

Denji Change and Aki Hayakawa Oozing Emotion

-What was your impression when you first read Chainsaw Man?

Toya I cried quite a bit. It was a raging story, and as I was reading it, my emotions were very moved, and I was crying at the end. It has a flashy feel, but also has drama between people. I could feel that the changes in Denji’s feelings and Aki’s feelings were also delicately portrayed, so I liked that part of the book as well. It is worthwhile to read because you can consider many things, and it is interesting no matter how many times you read it.

Sakata It is a work that cannot be described in one word. It moves me emotionally, and after reading it, I feel not only exhilarated but also an indescribable feeling. I felt that it was a novel work that gave me various complex emotions.

What do you want people to pay the most attention to about Denji and Aki, the two of you acting them?

Sakata Aki doesn’t basically show much emotion, but there are scenes where you can see her emotions oozing out, and that’s what I want viewers to see the most. I would be happy if the viewers can feel the same emotions as Aki.

Toya In the first episode, Denji has a lot of scenes where he is alone all the time talking with Pochita. From there I want viewers to see how Denji changes as he comes into contact with Aki, Makima, and Power-chan and converses with them more and more.

Sakata Can I talk about Denji, too? After the various events, there is a monologue from Denji’s heart. I like the part about what Denji learns from the events and how he moves the vector.

Toya I’m so glad! My favorite part of aki is, as Mr. Sakasho said, the scenes where the emotions ooze out. It was amazing.

Sakata Please don’t raise the bar for my acting.(laugh)

Toya Even if I raised the bar, Takasho’s performance was so good that you could easily surpass it! I would like you to watch the animation for more details, but the expressions were very good.

Sakata I’m embarrassed. Thank you very much.

【Chainsaw man Aki Hayakawa and Denji】 Similarities

What do you think are the similarities between the characters you play as voice actors and each other?

Toya When Sakasyo takes a break after recording, I saw him ruminating several times and saying, I didn’t do well here, and I thought that was very Aki. He is straightforward, and the way he perceives things and his seriousness is very Aki, which I like.

Sakata (embarrassed). Toyakun is a free-spirited person who can express 100% of what he is thinking when he leaves the recording booth, and I think that is similar to Denji. I have yet to see his passion in his daily life, and I wonder if I will be able to see it someday.

Toya I don’t often get angry out of the blue, so I may be venting my anger in my roles.

Sakata I see. Toya-kun is really honest, and I think that is similar to Denji.

Toya I’m happy(embarrassed)

-How did you yourself take what was said?

Sakata It’s embarrassing to hear each other’s thoughts come out in words.

Toya I was happy, but embarrassed. I felt that he thought so.

Sakata Fai-chan (Fairouz Ai, who plays Power) say to me, You guys shouldn’t make out (Laugh) Even though I didn’t mean it that way.

Which is Denji and Aki Hayakawa’s type, Makima or Power?

Earlier you mentioned Ms Fairouz Ai’s name, but Chainsaw Man has attractive heroines such as Makima and Power, which type do you two like?

Toya Shall we say at the same time? Se-no!

Toya & Sakata  Makima!

Toya: I’m thinking the same thing! You just like Makima-san, don’t you? It feels like

Sakata Indeed (laugh). When I read the original story, I thought Makima-san was the most wonderful person. I am came to like HIMENO-senpai as I was playing the character, but it was Makima-san who made the biggest impact on me the first time I saw her. She is usually so elusive, but she has a wonderful innocence that sometimes stabs me in the heart.

Toya There are many points I like about her, but my favorite point is that Denji said that Makima-san smells nice and I can easily imagine that Makima-san actually smells nice. I like natural smells, preferably soapy smells coming from her.

-Ms Makima is nice, but she seems like a hard person to actually work with.

Toya Ms. Makima gives me “candy” at just the right time, which I like. From the outside it may look bad, but as a subordinate it makes me happy. Denji especially receives a lot of “candy” from her, so I think he has more positive feelings toward Makima.

Sakata I haven’t received that much candy. ……

I’m sure you both chose Makima-san, but did you have any doubts about whether to go with Power?

Sakata Of course I like Power-chan, but she is like a younger sister to me. I want to take care of her in every way.

Toya Indeed, Power-chan is close to my family in the senses.

Denji and Aki Hayakawa last words to their fans

-Lastly, do you have a message for the fans who are looking forward to Chainsaw man?

Sakata The entire staff is giving their all, and the cast is also putting their all into their performances. I think you will definitely look forward to seeing this work because of the unpredictability of the development that will make you want to watch the next week. Best regards!

-Of course, fans of the original work, but especially those who have not read the original work are a bit envious that they can watch it from the anime.

Sakata I want to erase my memory and watch Chainsaw man 3 times.

Toya The anime was made by a group of people who love “Chainsaw man,” so I think there is a lot of love in this anime. The director is very particular about his work, and we also spent a lot of time thinking about how to express it, and many parts were made with a lot of care, so I think you will definitely enjoy it. Please look forward to it!


Interview with Chainsaw man Aki Hayakawa「Shogo Sakata」

Natural conversation aimed at the utmost limit of realism

When I first started playing Aki Hayakawa, Director Nakayama told me, 「Sakata-kun has Aki’s vocal chords, so you are Aki without having to create a voice, so you don’t have to try to do a voice performance,」 and I felt that this helped me grasp the world of the animation work.

(In my opinion) the dialogue should be the intention of the character being played, not the intention of the voice actor. For example, if the person you are speaking to is 1 meter away from you, you should speak with the same level of tension as if you were speaking in an interview, and there is no need to over-voiced or emphasize words. In the case of chainsaw man, we, the cast members, tried to keep our speech natural and realistic to the utmost limit. In Chainsaw Man , we were able to perform without all the details of voice adaptation to the character, so I could listen to other people’s lines and feel what Aki was feeling with him, as if I was in his world.

In one episode , I knew that his feelings were important to the story, so I put the script down on the chair at the site and went into the show. At that time, I had put my feelings and the flow of the story into my body, so I wanted to concentrate without looking at the words, it was my first experience to understand the role that much.

He is actually emotionally rich, he thinks a lot in his mind and inhabits a lot of feelings, but he is just so good at suppressing them so that they don’t show, and he is used to that. I believe that Aki’s charm of hidden kindness led to her being portrayed in the anime. The strength of his vow to take revenge is the axis of his character, but he gradually broadens his mind to respond to Denji and the others’ unreasonable words.

Thank you very much for watching. See you soon! ( ゚Д゚)b

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