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The anime Chainsaw Man, currently airing on TV Tokyo, has a different artist handling the ending theme for all 12 episodes. Combined with the fact that the anime itself is a hot topic, every time a new ending theme is aired on a weekly basis, anime and music fans alike get excited.


The ending theme for the seventh episode of Chainsaw Man was Chu, Diversity「ちゅ、多様性。」 sung by ano. Composed by syuichi Mabe (Paraiso, collective action, Vampillia), with lyrics by ano and Mabe, and arranged by TAKU INOUE, the song recalls the early taste of Relativity, to which Mabe once belonged, and is a so-called Mabe-bushi pop song. The song is studded with words that feel the sense that is typical of Ano there.

Music Natalie conducted an interview with Ano and Mabe, who co-wrote 「Chu, Diversity.」 We asked them how they came up with this song, their first collaboration.

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I’ll post the Roman lyrics so you can sing along if you like.

wow ai ni- yoigasamenai
oh, i need you koigasamenai
oainiku samanonarehatesasshite

momantai hametsushitemite
hold me tight toraumanoaji
mohantai oteosuwaride hai♥hoshu

bokuha dokundokun
kodou de kodoku ke si te mise te yo
aimo koimo dokusaishite
konomamachudokuninarumade chushiyo

get get get on! get get get on! get on chu!
get get get on! get get get get on chu!
atsuku torokerukurainiafuretakimochiga tamaranaidesho
get get get on! get get get on! get on chu!
get get get on! get get get get on chu!
get on! get on!
oh need you momantai
get get get on chu!

pon・chi・kan shobuhaitsumo
tonchinkan bokuniiwaserya
chimpunkampunda saigoharondesho?
monankai? koroshirarerebaii
oh, one night wasurerarenai

shinzogoto hikizuridashitemiseteyo
kimochiiine mendokusaikedo

ikaretamachiha zombideafureru
tokimekumuneni tsunagaruropuohikinayo

bet bet bet on! bet bet bet on! bet on chu!
bet bet bet on! bet bet bet bet on chu!
honki(maji)dekuruerukuraino utsutsushisaga utsukushiidesho
get get get on! get get get on! get on chu!
get get get on! get get get get on chu!
seno pon・chi・kan owannai
get get get on chu!
oh need you momantai
get get get on chu!


A voice that is established just by being there

What were your impressions of each other before this collaborative interview?

Mabe syuichi  I am in a band called Vampillia, and the first time I heard of Ano-chan was when the band leader showed me a picture of her. It was a picture of Ano-chan performing on stage with her tongue sticking out and making a funny face, which became a hot topic on the Internet a long time ago.

Ano-chan Ah… ( laugh ).

Mabe At that time, I said to the leader, 「She has a very nice face, she has the face of a rock star」Actually, after that, I have had several taiban (a live event in which several performers take the stage and perform together, switching places) with her. I am also a member of VMO (Violent Magic Orchestra), a unit that performs black metal with techno, and we did a taiban with an idol unit that she was performing with at the time. That’s when I thought, 「Oh, she has a good voice, too,」 and naturally I started checking her out and listening to her solo works. To be honest, I was thinking at the time that I would like to do music with her someday.

Ano My impression was that there was not much reality in the …… band. The Theory of Relativity (the name of the band in which Anochan was the vocalist) itself was a band, but I had an image of it as if I didn’t know whether it actually existed or not, so I didn’t think it was something created by a human being when I heard the songs. However, a wide variety of people were listening to our music, and it was fun to sing about the tune and atmosphere of the music. At that time, I was often allowed to play my own solo at live .

Mabe That’s right, Anochan didn’t show her face at all back then.

Ano Yes, that was one of the reasons.

─Mr. Mabe, how did you evaluate Ano-chan as a singer and an artist?

Mabe: I am not good with excessive service, and when I go to a ramen restaurant that is a bit fancy, I feel somewhat apologetic, saying, 「No, I don’t need that much」(laugh). The same is true in the entertainment world, where there is a lot of over-service. I felt a little suffocated by that part of the world, and I wanted to stay away from it in my career as a singer. When I saw Ano-chan in various media, her character was very punchy, but I didn’t feel that she was overbearing. Her singing, the quality of her voice, and other aspects that she exudes seem natural, and I didn’t feel that she was overly appealing or that she was just trying to please the audience. I am not good at over-servicing, but I also don’t like those that are too oblique, and I prefer a good balance between the two. I thought she was the kind of person who could easily fit into the kind of entertainment I was looking for. What I also find attractive about her is the quality of her voice. To be honest, she has such a strong presence that even if she speaks with her voice over the accompaniment or just says the word “ah,” the “act” is complete. I was able to be there when she sang the song, and I was very happy because I was able to experience what it is like to have a voice that can make a song work just by being in the song, which I created myself.

─ Miss Ano, have you ever been conscious of your voice as being different from others or distinctive?

Ano I think I have a normal voice, but when I appear on TV, people always mention my voice first, before the content of my speech. I think that my voice stands out so much, even though I talk just like everyone else around me, and I hate myself for it. When it came to singing songs, I was happy that my voice, which I disliked, could be used as one of the ingredients to be appreciated, and I feel that it was a very good thing to be active as an artist.

In fact, Ano’s voice is so addictive that it attracts you to listen to it and you find yourself hooked on it.

Mabe That’s right.

The image of composition is the last banquet before the destruction begins

「Chu, diversity」. was created as the ending theme for 「Chainsaw Man.」 How did you two decide on the collaboration?

Mabe: At first, I received this talk from Ano-chan.

Ano That’s right. When I received an offer to produce the ending theme for Chainsaw Man, I wanted to work with someone else just because. Then, Mr. Mabe instantly came to mind. I gave his name to the people at the label and asked them to let me talk to him in case it was a bad idea, and they readily gave me the OK (laugh).

Mabe: It was a great timing for us, because we were thinking of selling the job to you.

─ Did the production side of the animation have any specific requests, such as 「this is the kind of story」 and they wanted this kind of music?

Ano:  I had a request to use the song in episode 7 of Chainsaw Man, so I instantly had an image of a song that was not just cool or intense, but rather pop, cute, and chaotic at the same time. The animation producers also wanted something exactly like that, so we decided to proceed with the production in that direction.

Mabe: Episode 7 was just before the turning point in the story, or just on the edge of the collapse of everyday life, so there was a lot of freedom in the arrangement, partly because it was the song that decorated the episode. I imagined the final banquet before the destruction began.

Where is episode 7 in terms of the manga storyline?

Mabe: I think it was around the time when Denji and his team fought together with Himeino-san’s team and the welcome party afterwards.

I see. If you think about it, I can imagine 「that」 scene at the welcome party from the lyrics of this song: ……

Mabe Yes (laugh).

Ano As for the lyrics, I took a lot of liberties while staying close to the anime.

Mabe: This song was co-written by me and Ano-chan, and my biggest concern was whether the faithfulness of the lyrics to the story would be sincere for the work. I am a serious person in a weird way, so I was inclined to write the song as if I were following the story. But this time, since we were co-writing, I felt relieved that I could play catch-up with Ano-chan and have her break down what I had created in a good way and reconstruct the song for me.

I was able to mercilessly destroy the words of someone I respected.

─ Which of you wrote the bass part of the lyrics?

Mabe: This was my first attempt, but first, I created a 89-second-long one-chorus lyric for the anime. I gave it to Ano-chan and asked her to change the lyrics drastically and then return them to me. When I saw it, I thought, I see, and I was able to study Ano-chan’s unique way of speaking and lyrics like that. Then I wrote the full chorus and gave it to her again, and she broke it down again to make it feel good and built it up again. It was like this, so it was a lot of fun. It’s like running the words through a translation software program. (laugh).

Ano I had often put lyrics on a melody written by someone else, but this was the first time for me to write lyrics in a way that I could destroy the lyrics given to me and transform them into my own style. It was fun to get hints from him and to write songs itself in that way, and ideas kept coming to me. My lyrics were too much in line with the anime, so he tried to move away from that, and I think that on the contrary, it was a good balance.

Mabe: That part is probably true for both of us.

Ano Yes, yes. It was a lot of fun.

─ When you have two points of view, it is usually …….

Mabe: We get stuck or confused in each other’s thinking. That’s why I’m not that good at co-creating compositions. The only co-compositions I have done so far were with Jun Togawa-san and Yukie-chan (*now retired) from Awesome City Club. With Togawa-san, I asked him to correct my lyrics, and with Yukie-chan, I gave her my lyrics and told her to do whatever she wanted. To be honest, I was more worried about whether this kind of relay format would work, so I was surprised and amused when I actually tried it. In fact, Ano-chan was very good at breaking the lyrics, as if she was used to breaking lyrics, and she did it in a very elegant way.

Ano: To be honest, I don’t like to break the words of people I respected, but this time I was able to do it without mercy (laugh). Also, I was able to play around a lot because I had the work Chainsaw Man as a base. I couldn’t have done it without that theme, so it was a very good experience.

Mabe: Chainsaw Man is also a character who destroys in a sense.


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