Bocchi the Rock ! Interview

Bocchi the Rock ! InterviewBocchi the Rock ! Interview

Bocchi the Rock ! Here is the summary page of the interview


Big Hit 【Interview】 Aki Hamaji anime Bocchi the Rock !

This interview was conducted for the fans right after the anime broadcast ended in response to the huge success of the anime Bocchi the Rock !. In the interview, the original author, Aki Hamaji , talks about the main character Bocchi-chan, the manga, how the characters are drawn, and episodes in the work. Fans are encouraged to watch this interview.

【Interview】 Bocchi the Rock Original author Aki Hamaji

The unique combination of "loneliness, high school girls, and a rock band" is attracting a lot of attention in Bocchi the Rock To commemorate the release of the first volume, we requested an interview with the author, Ms. Aki Hamaji. If you're a shady character, read this manga!