Interview with DanMachi’s original author, Hujino Oomori 2015-04-27


Hestia’s design made even oomori-sensei say “what?

Hestia’s “example string” is also a hot topic in the TV anime “danmachi”. The unique world setting and the many hand-to-hand battles, not to mention the characters full of personality, have attracted many anime fans as well as fans of the original work.

What does Oomorihujino, the creator of “danmachi,” think of this anime adaptation and this work? In this article, we will present an interview we conducted with Omori to find out the answer to this question. We hope you will enjoy reading about the birth of “danmachi” Familia, including the secret story of the work’s creation and the story of an example that fans are anxious to hear.

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decipher the messages hidden here and there? DanMachi

What was the idea behind the conception of danmachi?

Omori: The main character fighting the Minotaur. I think the story really started from this fantasy of mine.

-I also had a novel idea to display the status and skills on the back of the character. How did this one come about?

Omori: It was originally posted as a web novel, so I incorporated the trend at the time of quantifying character abilities into the fantasy world so that many people would read it. After that, I think I came up with the idea when I saw the Hieroglyph inscription that exists in reality.

-Is there any part of Omori-san’s obsession and ideas reflected in the animation?

Omori: It’s not really an obsession, but I did think about the content of the inscriptions on the main character’s back and on the knife. I think there are a few places where people would say “Hey” if they could decipher it (laughs).

The character design of Hestia was a surprise even to Omori!

-There are a huge number of light novels in the world. How did you feel when you heard that your work was chosen from among them and decided to be made into an anime?

Omori: First of all, I was thankful to the readers who found my work interesting when it was a web novel. I decided to apply for the Rookie of the Year Award after seeing the feedback I received for my work.

-How did you feel when you saw the characters of Danmachi moving around in the anime adaptation?

Omori: Before I enjoyed it, I was a little embarrassed (laughs).

-Hestia is very cute among fans. What did you think when you saw the character design that Yasudasuhito gave you?

Omori: I was like, “Whoa! If you have watched the TV anime, I think you would understand.

The Minotaur is actually the heroine?

-What were your impressions of the other characters in the anime?

Omori: I felt they were all cuter than in the original.

-By the way, do you have a favorite character? And if you could tell us why!

Omori: The Minotaur. It’s because is the heroine.

-What would you recommend about the anime?

Omori: The characters, of course, but also the worldview itself, which is composed of wonderful music and art. I think there is an exciting fantasy world in the anime that cannot be fully expressed in the original novel.

-What are your expectations for the “Danmachi” anime in the future?

Omori: I have a dream that the subtitle “Familia Myss” instead of the main title “danmachi” will penetrate the audience.

-Finally, do you have a message for the fans who are looking forward to the original work and the anime?

Omori: I will continue to work hard on the work so that you can say that it is exciting, so please give me your support.


Interview with Fujino Omori, No. 1 in the Light Novel category, “Danmachi  2016.04.03

Quotes おたぼる

Interview with Fujino Omori of “Danmachi,” which won first place in the light novel category of the “SUGOI JAPAN Award 2016

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” (SB Creative GA Bunko) won first place in the light novel category of the “SUGOI JAPAN Award 2016,” which selects “works that should be introduced to people around the world. We asked oomorihujino, the author of this popular and controversial work, which was adapted into an anime last year (TOKYO MX, etc.), about his thoughts on the award and the episode when it was adapted into an anime.

-What are your honest impressions about winning the “SUGOI JAPAN Award 2016”?

I didn’t really feel it at all at first, but now that I’m here today (at the award ceremony), I’m really starting to feel it, and even after all this time, I’m getting nervous (laughs). I also felt very warm when I saw the comments of the people who voted for “Danmachi” earlier. I am really glad to be here today.

-How do you feel about the fact that your work was chosen by the public vote of readers?

Omori: I was surprised that my work was chosen among all the other very attractive works, and I thought, “Really? I feel very honored, even though I thought, “There must be more interesting works out there. I don’t have Twitter or a blog, so I don’t have many opportunities to interact with readers. But when I went to Korea and Taiwan for book signings, I heard fans say “I love you” about characters who are not so famous, which made me think “You are loved” and at the same time I thought “I should not be careless writing about characters other than the main ones” (laugh).

-This time, there were 23 works eligible for voting in the light novel category of the “SUGOI JAPAN Award 2016. If you were to vote, which one would you choose?

Omori: “Alderamin on the Sky” (Park Uno / KADOKAWA Dengeki Bunko) and “Overlord” (Maruyama Kugane / KADOKAWA Enterbrain) have been on my mind for a while.In fact, “Overlord” was the most popular work when I was serializing it on the same website that I used to post on when I was on the web, and I thought the anime was very interesting as well. I have also always loved the works of Ms. Mizuki Nomura (author of “Gedoyomi Danshi to Kubotsu Joshi – Kind Sora ga Mita, Shy Umi no Hanashi Monogatari”), which was selected for the voting this time. ), who was selected for this year’s voting, and I was very happy to meet her for the first time, although it was only recently. I also love Ms. Nomura’s Bungaku Shoujo series (KADOKAWA Famitsu Bunko), and I had a weakness in the way she wrote the characters’ internal descriptions and monologues, but I learned a lot from her works.

-What did Mr. Mori suggest to you when you made the animation last year?

Omori: It may have been really rude, but I asked him something like, “I’m waiting for the episode about the Minotaur battle with great anticipation! I felt that I had “written all the way through” the Minotaur battle that appeared in the third volume of “Danmachi,” so I told the director about it. I did that, and he came up with something that was that great.

-Did Mr. Omori ever make any suggestions to Mr. Yasudasuzuhito, the illustrator, regarding the illustrations of the characters?

Omori: I left it completely up to Yasuda-san. This is something I noticed while working with Yasuda-san, but I thought that illustrations are the domain of illustrators. The same is true of Hestia’s “blue string,” which Yasuda-san told me he assembled after gathering information on Hestia’s loli, big tits, etc. So, rather than me saying something, I began to think that it would be better to leave it completely up to Mr. Yasuda.


-What did you think when you first saw Hestia’s “blue string”?

Omori: I was astonished (laughs). I thought, “Hestia, she’s like this” (laughs). Recently, there is a character named Haruhime on the cover of volume 7, and when I saw the cover, I thought, “Wow, she is very beautiful,” and once again I was glad to have Yasuda-san draw her.

-Do you have any plans to write another new work in the future?

Omori: If GA Bunko would allow me to do so, I have a plan, so I hope they will let me do it (laughs). But right now, I’m also working on an external story for “Danmachi” at the same time, and I’m very eager to get the current work to where I want it to be and bring it to a finale, so I think it would be better to concentrate on “Danmachi” than to look away. I can write a new work even after I finish writing it, so I would be happy if you could continue to enjoy “Danmachi” for a while longer.

-Thank you very much.

GA Bunko Author Hujino Oomori Special Interview

Citation. GA文庫

You won the first Grand Prize in GA Bunko. How did you feel when you first heard about it?

Omori: I was genuinely overjoyed.

What is the appeal of “Danmachi” from the author’s point of view?

Omori: I wrote the story not with the so-called “strongest protagonist” but with the opposite. Belle is pathetic at first, but I think people will be emotionally involved in the process of her becoming stronger through hard work.

Is there any particular feature of this work or any part of it that you were particular about?

Omori: I made the setting compelling by setting it in what is called a dungeon. In RPGs, it is common for players to gain experience and become stronger and stronger, but I wondered what third force would be needed to gain experience and level up, and that’s how God was born. We have included gods from Greek and Norse mythology, such as Loki, Freya, Ganesha, and many others.

What do you think of Yasudasuhito’s illustrations?

Omori: I was drawn into Yasuda’s drawings more and more, and the more I looked at the cover of the first volume, the more I felt that the drawings had a certain flavor. I think that Belle could not be anything else but this picture of Belle. Hestia’s appearance is Lolita, and she was not originally a heroine of royalty at all, but thanks to Yasuda-san’s work, she has become a heroine who is very heroine-like. Eina also wears glasses, and the more I looked at her, the more the editor praised how cute she was.

Do you have a message for our readers?

Omori: I hope that everyone will feel the excitement that you feel when you come into contact with a fantasy world.


Thank you for watching, and we will see you soon!



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